January Android security patch

Samsung just started rolling out a new update for its “major” flagship smartphones, the update contains the January Android security patch, for those who don’t know, these monthly security patches are Google’s way of making sure that phones running Android remain safe and secure from any threats or exploits.

Sadly, Samsung wasn’t clear enough about the devices that will be getting the update as they only stated “major” flagship phones. We assume that these devices will include the current flagships as well as Galaxy S5 and the major devices that came after that.

As you may or may not know, Google’s security patch for this month contains a number of fixes against threats, however, Samsung decided to push its own fixes into this patch as well, we don’t have the change log but reports suggest that the updates concern the Galaxy S6. Samsung decided to keep quite about the full details about this update, mainly because the fixes can be exploited way before the update finally reaches the consumers.

Did you receive the January Android security patch on your Samsung phone? Let us know the thoughts in comments below



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