download odin3 2016 all latest versions 3.10.7/3.10.8/3.10.9

Odin3 2016 version is Odin3 3.10.7 and is the latest and most popular Odin flash tool for Samsung device that allows you to install any custom kernels, stock or custom firmware on your Android device. The latest 2016 version of Odin3 is 3.10.7 but there is news that the new version will be out in the coming months. The new update will be Odin3 3.10.8 and it will include support for new devices.

Currently if you are looking for the latest version then you need to download Odin3 3.10.7 2016 version. It’s the latest and most advanced version of Odin or if you want to install any other ODIN version then you can download them as well.

download odin3 2016 all latest versions 3.10.7/3.10.8/3.10.9

Download all version of Odin3 for 2016:

Odin3 2016 are: (recommended for JB/KitKat) (latest version recommended for Lollipop and Marshmallow) (Not Released yet) (Not Released yet) (Not Released yet)



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