Best voice recorder apps

Android phones have a lot of features that often go overlooked, one of them is the phone’s ability to record audio. Yes, an Android device can serve as your get-go audio recorder. While this feature is good for journalists or bloggers. Thanks to the support for different, high quality formats, musicians can also use this to have some pretty quick recordings.

That being said, although most of the smartphones come pre-loaded with voice recorders, some don’t, and that is why we’re going to take a look at 5 best voice recorders you can download from Google Play Store.

Audio Recorder

The first app in the list is Audio Recorder, for those who don’t know, this app comes pre-loaded on Sony phones. The app is rather simple to use and has support for different types of recording and has its own inbuilt engine that is used to improve the recording quality. However, there is one downside that the app is said to collect anonymous data and that might raise some concerns.

Titanium Recorder

Not to be confused with Titanium Backup, this particular app comes completely free and without ads, if that doesn’t impress you. Titanium Recorder offers a nice looking interface and has enough features to make your recording experience smooth. The reviews are pretty much positive with the exception of few device based issues.

RecForge II

RecForge II is probably the most feature-filled recording apps available on the Google Play Store. From the looks of it, the app has a very professionalised layout; the colours are bright and the background is dark. It looks more of a music recorder than your normal, generic voice recorder. The app comes in 2 versions; free and pro (costs $4.91)

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps is one of the best voice recorders available on Android, the app offers enough features to make sure that the recording experience goes smoothly, in addition to that, users can record using different codecs. The app comes off as a little bit intense for those who are looking for a simple experience but it gets the job done.


The last app on the list is Evernote, now we know that Evernote isn’t technically a voice recording app, but it does come with a voice recorder that is best for casual recordings. Another great feature about this app is the ability to save your voice recordings directly into your Evernote account.



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