Facebook is the biggest and most active social media platform of planet earth and being an average Android user there are still high chances that you spend most of your time on Facebook Android app but still you haven’t explored the app completely and what it has to offer. Facebook launched the latest update of the app on December 17th 2015 and it improved the overall performance and reliability of the app. So, if you have the latest version of Facebook app installed on Android then you need to see the features of the app which you haven’t explored yet.

Here are some of the amazing features of Facebook Android app:

  1. Facebook Widget:

There are some users who are still unfamiliar with it. Facebook Widget is a small  window on your phone home screen and you can use it to view your friends new statuses, photos and a lot more without accessing the app. You can also use this widget for updating your own status. The widget, overall is a nice feature of the Facebook App.

  1. Managing Notifications of Facebook App:

Are you getting too many notifications and alerts from your friends and want to disable all these alerts? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that this feature is actually available in the Facebook App. If you want to disable these alerts, just go to App Settings > Notification Settings and from here you can enable/disable alerts for wall posts, comments, friend requests, tagging and many more.

  1. Find interesting places nearby:

Facebook mobile app allows you to check-in to various locations like restaurant, shopping malls using your mobile’s GPS. This feature is not even available on the desktop version of Facebook.

  1. Stop Videos from Auto Playing:

One of the most annoying feature of Facebook is video auto play feature. If you are on Data connection, then it’s a big problem but the good news is the feature is now available on the facebook app and now you can enable or disable videos from auto playing.

  1. Manage Chat Heads:

In case you are getting messages from friends, such conversations appear as Chat Heads but if you don’t like this behavior then you can turn it off.

  1. Managing friends feeds:

With the help of Facebook app, you can manage your friends feeds e.g you can prioritize, hide and unfollow some feeds.

  1. Share cool videos with Facebook App:

You can also share third party app’s content with the help of facebook app e.g if you have a saved video on Whatsapp and want to share it with your facebook friends then you can do it too.

Wrap up!:

Facebook Android app showed some major performance improvements in the past few months. If you still haven’t installed the facebook app on your Android then its time to install it. In case you have any queries, let us know in the comments.



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