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Rooting an Android device has come somewhat of a norm nowadays, while most people root their Android phones for the sake of it, a true Android enthusiast roots a phone to unlock the full potential of their device. While rooting an Android device doesn’t really have a direct effect on your phone and neither does your phone come a super-charged droid. It does open a lot of possibilities.

Today we are going to take a look at 5 best root apps you should totally have on your Android device. So without further ado, let’s take a look.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a must have app for any one with a rooted phone. The reason being the amount of features this app alone provides. The biggest being the ability to back up your entire app catalog along with data, in addition to that, users can also use Titanium Backup to delete system apps or freeze them if they don’t know what system app should be deleted or not.

Root Explorer

From the looks of it, Root Explorer looks like any ordinary file explorer, but if you have a rooted device and you know how to modify system files. Root explorer is a powerful, all in one solution for your modding needs. Users can access almost all the aspects of Android system and delete files as well as edit them and back them in case something goes wrong.


Think about a battery saving up but the one that actually works, Greenify is much more than a normal battery saving app, it monitors all the apps on your phone, how frequently they run and how frequently they wake up your phone. You can then proceed to hibernate these apps in order to get more juice out of your battery. It seems a bit complicated at first but once you get a hang of it, it’s rather straightforward. Just make sure not to hibernate any system app unless you know what it does and how important it is.


This is the perfect root app for anyone who has a phone that uses soft-keys instead of the physical buttons. Most people like soft-keys because they’re convenient and they have no chance of failing on you unlike the physical buttons. However, there always have been one issue; they take up some portion of your screen. While the soft-keys occupy less than an inch, people still hate it at times. This app comes into play and hides both status bar and the soft-keys, you’re left with a small back-button. It’s pretty convenient for people who like an immersive experience.

Quick Boot

Most Android phones only come with 2 options in the power menu; reboot and power off. This is where Quick Boot comes in, the app allows you to reboot your phone in different modes including recovery, bootloader and the normal power off and reboot mode. The app is a must have for anyone with rooted phones because this saves the hassle of manually booting your phone in bootloader or recovery mode.


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