Best Weather apps for android

Weather apps on Android have always been a fun thing, they give you all the information about weather and you don’t have to rely on your computer or the weather reporting channel. Weather applications on Android have been through a lot of evolution ever since the beginning, almost all of the weather apps have gotten the material make-over and they have their own widgets now.

Today we are going to take a tour and talk about 5 best weather apps that are available on Android.

Eye in the Sky Weather

Eye in the Sky Weather has been a fan favourite for quite some time. The app doesn’t have anything fancy and that is what we love about it; the interface is simple and has all the necessary features, and if you are feeling a bit artistic, the weather also supports a handful of themes that really add up to the minimalistic feel of the app. Last but not the least, Eye in the Sky also supports Dash Clock.

Google Now

Google Now isn’t exactly a weather app but something that has been integrated inside the Android eco-system. The good thing about Google Now is that apart from displaying all the important news, it also gives you all the weather information based on your location. What’s better is that it also comes with a widget and it is completely free.


WeatherBug is one of the oldest weather apps available and the also probably the first fully featured weather app. WeatherBug has gone completely free and there are no in-app purchases. You get access to full weather forecast, widgets, weather alerts. You will even get access to live weather and traffic cameras to view the weather a bit more personally.


AccuWeather is a pretty old weather app on Android, there was time when the app was pre-installed on several Samsung phones. Times have changed, the app has grown a lot ever since it was released and recently got a full Material make-over to make it look even better. On top of everything, the app has full support for Android Wear so you can get your weather updates on your smart watches too.


The last app on our list is 1Weather, almost every Android user is aware of the app. 1Weather happens to be one of the most popular and highest rated apps on the Google Play Store and thanks to that, it has maintained itself rather well over the years. It comes with a slew of features including full support for Dash Clock as well as Android Wear, you will also get widget support if you are one of many who prefer weather on their home-screen rather than having to open the app every now and then.

Closing Thoughts

The apps that have been added into the list are a result of thorough research and trying out different apps. In case we ended up missing other great apps, feel free to let us know in the comments below.