change phone name in wifi and bluetooth

WiFi and Bluetooth are two of the most common ways of transferring data from one source to another in Android. While you are searching for a Bluetooth or a WiFi connection to connect to, you are most likely going to see a common name of a device or something custom, people may think that using a custom name for either is a big deal but in real it is actually quite simple. If you are an Android user and you want to change the device name of your phone so it appears as something else in Bluetooth or WiFi, you can do so by following a rather simple guide.

Although, due to the limitations in older Android versions, this method only works on Android 4.2 Jellybean and above.

How to Change Phone Name in WiFi and Bluetooth Connection

  1. Open Settings and go to About Phone.
  2. Once you are there, simply tap on Phone name and enter the name you want.
  3. Once you have changed the name, simply press the Save button.
That is it, with few easy steps, you have successfully changed your phone’s name in WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Do keep in mind that the name change only takes effect in WiFi Direct and Bluetooth.


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