Lizard Squad, the team of hackers who shut down both Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas last year claimed that the Phantom Squad could take down Xbox Live and PSN this year. A member of Lizard Squad who was arrested following the last year told Wired that the Phantom Squad is just an empty threat right now but there is one guy there who knows how to do the things and he has all the resources available.

Here is what he actually said:

“Right now they’re just empty threats, but it’s very possible that the attack will happen. One of the guys from Phantom Squad is a friend of ours Lizard Squad’s and he probably does have the resources.”

“It’s a wannabe group really. It’s just a repeat of last year. It’s pretty much a copycat if you look at Lizard Squad and Phantom Squad, it’s the same thing.”


Last year Christmas turned out to be really bad for console gamers when online networks were offline after a DDoS attack by Lizard Squad. This year, a new group known as the Phantom Squad is trying to do the same and the group has also claimed the responsibility of the recent attack on Xbox Live. Speaking of the security improvements, the hacker said both PSN and Xbox Live have not made much improvements and up-gradations after the last attack and if Phantom Squad take down the network this year then obviously not much has changed. Earlier today, Lizard Squad hacked the website and Twitter accounts of Phatom Squad and now they have created new Twitter accounts.

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  1. guess that FBI will just have to arrest another dickheads around january like they did with lizards when they got them in UK, just try mothercuckers, you think Sony is going to stay silent about this again? your doors will be down and then well see how funny it is when you’ll drop the soap

    • They gave those guys slaps on the wrists for DDoS’ing the servers dude.. Obviously the punishment wasn’t harsh enough to be a deterent

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