The group of hackers who goes by the name of Phantom Squad already warned Sony and Microsoft about their attack on Xbox Live and PSN. The hacker group claims that they will shutdown both networks on Christmas and this process will continue for a week. Recently, Kim Dotcom tweeted on his official twitter account that if these hackers shut down the networks then the gamers will be badly pissed. Phantom Squad already said, with this attack they want to create awareness regarding the state of low level of securities of these big companies and want to show the world that their is no cyber security and if they didn’t apply the necessary security measures then its completely Sony and Microsoft’s fault.

Earlier today, Anonymous the most popular hackers group on their official twitter account supported their cause and said if these networks goes down, then Microsoft and Sony are to blame. These corporations should have applied the sufficient DDoS protection measures.

However, there are some PC gamers who are supporting Phantom Squad cause. Some PC gamers tweeted:

There are many other gamers who are also supporting this cause. So, which one is you? Who are you supporting? Let us know in the comments.


  1. So…they’re just copying what Lizard Squad did last year? Nobody will be impressed if they do it. Gamers will be pissed, Sony and Microsoft will give a half assed apology and then everybody will have forgotten them by January.

    Also “Phantom Squad” lol

  2. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal for the PC crowd? If people want to pay money for PSN and Xbox Live, they are free to do so. Seriously can someone tell me how this is affecting them in any shape or form? I;m probably going to get attack but to me this just seem like the PC crowd want the consoles out of the picture so they don’t have to buy the consoles to play the games they want.

    • Some PC gamers need to stop throwing stones in greenhouses..

      “Valve estimates that 77,000 accounts are hijacked every single month, and points out that these are not new and naive users but seasoned Steam users”

      PSN & XBL & Steam have all been took down one way or another and we all know that all online networks could be a target. I just hope that after all the money the companies have made from it’s users that after last year they have placed better security measures within the networks for ddos attacks etc. But from the looks of it today MS hasn’t done so.

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