Christmas is upon us and gamers are taking full advantage of that, as we all know how modder friendly Fallout 4 has become, someone decided to create a mod fit for Christmas. However, this mod only speaks Christmas and isn’t holy at all. Modder who goes by the name Black Widowmaker created a mod called Black Sexy Christmas Bunny, the name sounds skimpy, doesn’t it? Well, the mod itself is nothing less than skimpy. Take a look at it yourself.


That’s weird, don’t you agree? Well, you can have the same skimpy outfit for your character in Fallout 4 if you want. Installing the mod is fairly simple and since this outfit doesn’t have any special requirement, you can craft it pretty much everywhere by just giving a very low price.


According to the creator, it is suggested to use the nude mod along with it for optimal results. If you are willing to install the mod, all you need to do is go here and download the mod and use Nexus Mod Manager in order to install it properly.



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