For those who don’t know, OnePlus 2 is finally available to purchase without needing an invite, this change in the purchasing system is indefinite. OnePlus has another good news for us, the company announced that their mid-ranger OnePlus X will be available to purchase without invite every Tuesday.

The invite free OnePlus X will start selling today, and from here on, every Tuesday, people will be able to buy the device without needing an invite. Speaking of the device itself, OnePlus X is an impressive phone, it shares somewhat similar specs with the original OnePlus One and has some changes. But for those who aren’t aware of the specifications, the device features a Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM, 16 gigs of internal storage that you can expand using microSD card slot. OnePlus X is also the first OnePlus device to feature a full HD AMOLED display instead of the usual IPS being used in the units. The device does come with LTE connectivity as well but due to some missing bands, it often becomes a victim of bad signal quality. Sadly, the OnePlus X doesn’t have the NFC chip just like OnePlus 2 so you won’t be able to use Android Pay that was recently announced.

Overall, OnePlus X is a fantastic device for people who are willing to have premium feel and capable hardware without willing to spend much. If you want to buy OnePlus X, you can buy it by heading out to the official website.


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