Earlier today, we reported that a new hacker group who go by the name of Phantom Squad issued a threat that they will be shutting down the PSN and Xbox Live completely on Christmas. Last year, Lizard Squad brought down both PSN and Xbox Live with just a DDoS attack and they even said that they did this attack just to create awareness regarding the state of low level securities of these companies.

Now, the other group with a name of Phantom Squad is threatning to shutdown both services on Christmas. Kim Dotcom however, warned both Microsoft and Sony that you already got one year to improve your network and services and if the same thing happened this year the gamers will be completely pissed.

This is what he tweeted:

So, now what we can only do is to hope for the best. If both Xbox Live and PSN survive this attack then one thing is for sure that the company had already improved their services and the money they are charging from gamers spent in the right area.

So, What do you think about this attack? Let us know in the comments.


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