Fallout 4 is a pretty big game, but sadly, almost half of the game is covered by ocean and the only way to get past the ocean is by swimming. Come on, guys, it isn’t hard to create a raft with the amount of raw material you have. That being said, the ocean can be a real pain to your explorer self. Luckily, some genius thought it would be a nice idea to simply remove the entire ocean that has been plaguing Fallout 4 and leave nothing but ground for you to walk on.


The mod is created by Bradenm650 and does exactly what it is supposed to; removes the water from the entire game. Now to some it might seem useless, but to the explorers, it does look pretty cool, being able to see all the debris underwater. You can checkout the demo video below.

You can download the file by going here and use it using Nexus Mod Manager


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