The war between consoles and PCs is something that never ends, there is an insane amount of PC gamers and there is an insane amount of console gamers. Although it may seem that the majority hates it each other, it is often the case of misunderstood feelings or gestures. There is a lot of difference when it comes to gaming on both platforms. Both have their own set of advantages but when it comes to the main question that asks whether or not PC is a better choice than gaming, we all know the answer.

PC is something that is getting more and more advanced by each passing day, with the advancements, you have to pay premium prices that are of course not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you emphasise on the question, things start to get a bit more clear for you.

Is PC gaming better than console gaming? Yes. But why is that one must own a $1,000 PC to play the same games that can be played on a $400 console? When you play a game on a $1,000 PC, the game looks better than it will ever look on consoles, apart from looking better, it will also perform better and will have the support for higher resolutions. How high, you ask? Let’s say 4K high. We are going to take a look at some of the factors that make PC gaming a better choice than console gaming, but before we begin, we would like to let you know that all gamers are considered a family, it doesn’t matter what platform you choose to play on. The article is purely based on experience with both PC and console gaming and is entirely an opinion.

Higher Resolution Support

Let’s face it, while the console gamers are happy with their 900p/1080p, the PC gamers are enjoying the resolutions beyond what the console gamers are currently dreaming about. Currently, the most common resolution for most of the PC games is 1440p, something that is a far cry for consoles. Not only that, if you shed enough money, you can game at 4K with a great ease. It would be a blind win for PC if you start comparing the resolutions of both platforms, PC, clearly, has the greater advantage and by the time consoles reach 4K, PC gamers might be enjoying IMAX standard gaming.

The Ability to Upgrade

Not only PCs come with the ability to play games at higher resolution, they also have the ability to be upgraded. If a game isn’t working as it should on your PC with maxed out settings you can easily upgrade without digging a hole in your pockets. There are endless options to choose from and even if you go for used hardware, it won’t be much of a problem. Take Fallout 4 for instance, the game was plagued by frame-rate drop on consoles, they had to wait an entire month for the patch to restore the frame-rate to 30 frames per second. What did the PC gamers do? Played and finished the game at 60 frames per second.


While the console gamers are limited to use controllers in their games, PC gamers have an endless choice of peripherals. Yes, many might argue about playing racing games on a keyboard but hey, we have racing wheels as well as controllers for them and most PC gamers you meet are already equipped with peripherals. How do you play shooting games with controllers? It’s just plain weird. That being said, PC gamers also get to enjoy 3rd party manufacturers just as Steel Series, Razer, ThermalTake. Want a new mouse or a keyboard? There are literally 1,000s of options to choose from ranging from standard to high end groups.

Comparatively Cheaper Games

Games on PC are comparatively cheaper, no, we are not talking about bootlegged discs that you purchased from a shady shop. The legit games that are activated on Steam, Origin, UPlay and GOG are often cheaper. A huge chunk of gratitude goes to online resellers who price the game at half as compared to the original listed price. Imagine buying Witcher 3 for as low as $30. Considering how optical drives in PCs are going obsolete, most people also prefer to have games digitally. There is enough choice for everyone.


PC gamers love modding, they have modded the hell out of games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Skyrim and why shouldn’t they? The mods allow for numerous hours of fun when games tend to get boring on their own. Mods aren’t all for fun, some mods are methods of fixing several issues with games that are overlooked by the developers. For instance, Witcher 3 had an issue with crafting an armour in which the crafting diagram required an armour piece from an entirely different armour set. It didn’t seem like a big issue but when you go looking for that armour piece, you realise that it is missing from the game entirely. Modders were able to fix it in a matter of hours. Even though console may support mods to some extent, PC is the place if you want to mod properly.



  1. And after all the above PC can’t play The Uncharted series, just to name one series made for consoles. Fact is IF you want to enjoy gaming and play some highly rated games you need more than just a gaming PC.

  2. i dont care about resolution….i like the mouse(strictly for the fps genre) but despise the keyboard….anything becomes cheap if you wait for a sale to happen its not as if you can buy new releases for $30….and the only mod i have ever seen that was worthwhile in my opinion is just cause 2 multiplayer,and it was incredibly buggy and more than likely would have gotten boring after a few sessions with friends….but yeah….i really need pc gaming in my life especially seeing as i wont be able to play alot of my favorite games on it : /

  3. … except it’s not, because entries of my favorite franchises don’t even appear on PC, or do so YEARS later.

    I’m a massive JRPG fan, and while there are SOME games in the genre there, most of them are not. No Star Ocean, few- if any- Tales of, rare FFs, no Persona, no Disgaea, very little from IF, ATLUS, Compile Heart, GUST, etc. Really, the majority of my favorite genre is absent from PC, so it’s nowhere NEAR my best choice for gaming. It lacks my favorite racing franchise, my favorite shooter franchise, and the only sports franchise I even play.

    It’s got almost none of the exclusives the big three make(an occasional Microsoft exclusive may make its way over), and those are principal reasons for buying consoles.

    So while some of what you’ve listed may appeal to some people- and it’s not like I haven’t played ANY games on PC- your list does NOTHING for me.

  4. here we go again.i could list 10 reasons consoles is better.i think i work
    2.dont need to worry about up
    3.controller is better then keyboard/mouse.
    4.50″ tv vs 22″ monitor(no real pc gamer uses a tv) winner 50″ tv.
    5.couch vs desk couch wins.
    6.dont need to worry about requirements.
    .7.better communities on console.
    8.console exclusives are better then any on pc(dont care for rts,esport or build games)
    9.ease of play.
    10.more reliable pc parts fail alot and faster then console.i had the same ps3 since launch till next gen.

    oh as far as cheaper games thats bs.they use sites like g2a and Kinguin that sell stolen cd keys to get games cheap.steam sells AAA titles at launch for $60 same as console.if they buy legit games cost the same.


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