It’s been exactly a month since everyone’s favourite Fallout 4 landed on the consoles and PC, the game quickly rose to success and received numerous accolades and was also nominated for the Game of the Year award. As soon as the game finished downloading, I booted it up and dreamed about how it will be one of the most engaging and a much needed journey after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and after a month, we are looking back at the game to see if it was really worth the 7 year wait (not accounting Fallout: New Vegas)

Note: Unintentional spoilers ahead.

Fallout 4 is a big and ambitious game with plenty of things to do, there are tons of side quests and settlements to liberate and create. However, amidst all of this, the game never really becomes what it should be. Its tediously long loading times even on most powerful PCs that exceed the recommended system requirements, and utterly poor frame-rates are somewhat unforgiving. But considering how those are just technical flaws, we can forgive them.

What we can’t forgive is Bethesda’s attempt of selling us the same game with a new coat of paint; don’t get me wrong, it worked really well up until the release of Fallout: New Vegas, but Fallout 4 doesn’t feel different at all. Yes, we finally have a protagonist who can speak but we also have a very monotonous feel to the game. For instance, if you are doing side quests for any faction, you will soon come to realisation that the only new thing these side quests will offer you is the location. Let’s assume if you are doing side quests for Preston from the Minutemen, all the given side quests will be getting rid of raiders at settlements or getting rid of super-mutants.


Fallout 4’s story is an other thing that needs criticism, yes, the story does give us a moral lesson but is it really worth it? The game starts off really solid, with the protagonist being a war veteran with a wife and a kid. War breaks out and nukes are dropped, the game was really exciting up until the player wakes up from cryo-sleep after 200 years only to see his wife getting murdered right in front of his eyes and his child being taken. From there on, the entire story focuses on finding your missing child. You will find numerous factions to work with but the only thing new about each faction will be there quests, the quests that will be the same over and over again. That’s where Fallout 4 goes horribly wrong in terms of quality content. Fallout 4’s mission design is like going to KFC over and over again hoping you’d find something new to eat.

Moving on, the combat in this game is still not up to the mark even after so many years. Fallout: New Vegas showed a bit of a hope and we thought Fallout 4 would feel like a proper shooting game but we were proven wrong. If you want to play in third person shooter, the aiming system on its own is utterly broken. Aiming for someone’s head would most likely end in you shooting at the wall behind. Luckily, the V.A.T.S  targeting system is still in the plays but can sometimes get really boring, really fast and god forbid if you end up surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies.


So in the end, was Fallout 4 really worth the hype? We think not, yes, the game had some memorable moments and modders had their fair share of time with the game to make it even more enjoyable but did it really pay off? No. Strip Fallout 4 of all the mods and the game is boring, it offers A LOT of content but the quality is sub-par as per today’s standards. Even Witcher 3 on its second play-through would offer you more thrilling moments than the first play-through of Fallout 4.



  1. Honestly? No.

    Too many steps backward, no doubt because of consoles. We got far, FAR better combat and a somewhat better engine.

    We also got the smallest map of all the Fallouts as far as I’m concerned, the smallest list of quests I think I’ve ever had in an open world RPG, not a single memorable or amazing quest, annoying companion AI AGAIN, less weapon choices, less armor choices and variety, not enough factions, not enough events, a distinct lack of enemy variety, a 2nd half of a skill list that is useless compared to the first half, one of the most rushed endings I’ve played in years…

    It’s a 6 or 7 out of 10 for me.

    Fallout 3 was amazing, New Vegas was better, Skyrim was frigging HEAVEN, and this game is just disappointing in so many ways.

    I put over 200 hours in to Fallout 3, 200 in to New Vegas, and almost 400 in to Skyrim (and STILL to this day haven’t finished the main quest), and I feel like I’m done with Fallout 4 after 112 hours. There’s no reason to go back and continue playing now.

    Skyrim had the likes of the Brotherhood and the guilds that has a good 100 hours of content between them.

    Some SIDE guilds in Skyrim had MORE CONTENT than the entire of Fallout 4 for me.

    It’s the worst Bethesda game they’ve done in my opinion.

  2. It’s big, wide, repetitive and shallow, like everything Bethesda creates.
    And they will keep on doing it, until other developers start to design these types of games and everyone realizes how much Bethesda has been getting away with it.
    New Vegas was first Obsidian game, who went into it with absolutely no experience on the engine or this type of game, developed it in less than half the time that Bethesda worked on any of their titles and still managed to write a far better main story with variety of different endings, dynamic faction system and quest design with actual interactivity between them, rpg mechanics, characters and dialogue, etc, etc…than Bethesda came close.
    And If by any chance, Josh Sawyer is reading this…just don’t pick the damn desert next time.

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