Play Witcher 3 as Ciri, Yennefer and Shani

We all know you can play as Ciri in Witcher 3, but Ciri’s portions are not as diverse as Geralt’s, Ciri won’t be hunting monsters or taking up the contracts. Remember the recent mod that lets you play as Triss? Well the creator managed to make another one based on the same mod that will let you play as Ciri, Shani and Yennefer. Of course, you will have to do some modifications for that but the rest of the process is the same.

witcher 3 shani playable


shani playable 2 yen playable

Do keep in mind that this mod will only change the appearance of Geralt, you won’t have any special skills and you will still fight with your swords. To install this mod, you have to follow the installation instructions below.


  1. Download your preferred file from here and extract it.
  2. Delete the old files if you used any.
  3. From the extracted files, copy aaa.bundle to The Witcher 3\content\content0\bundles.
  4. Now copy the rest of the 2 folders to The Witcher 3\Mods.
  5. Open the in game console and type hairbody(1,*your own digit*,*your own digit*)

That’s all, folks. Using this mod, you can play using different Witcher characters. In case you face any trouble using the mod, feel free to let us know.



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