Witcher 3

Ever wondered why the 2 of the most powerful signs in Witcher 3 don’t have powerful enough visuals? Yes, we are talking about Aard and Igni, unlike the Axii, Quen and Yrden; Aard and Igni are used for offensive game-play style. Ever since the release of Witcher 3, these 2 signs seem as if they don’t have enough power, simply because of the lesser amount of visual flare.


The mod obviously takes a toll on the performance, provided you are not suitably equipped with proper hardware. That being said, the mod has been tested on the latest version and works without any issue, if you are willing to install the mod, you can do so by downloading the file from here and extract the contents, you will get a folder named modImprovedSignEffects, simply copy it to the mods folder that you have inside your Witcher 3 directory. If you don’t simply create one yourself.


There is also a video if you want to see the demonstration.


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