Witcher 3 has proven to be a massive success, after bagging 5 Golden Joystick awards and 3 The Game Awards that include the prestigious Game of The Year, the game doesn’t intend on stopping its victory. Several gamers are still indulged in the wonderful world of Witcher 3, and more and more mods are pouring through for the game. Today, after so many days, we bring you another amazing mod for Witcher 3 that can drastically improve the way you play the game.

As you may know, you can’t quick save the game while you are engaged in the combat, now this can be tedious if there are too many enemies and you are about to kill the last one and he ends up taking the winning shot; you would have to fight the horde once again. The mod we are talking about takes care of the issue for you, you can now save during the combat without any issues. However, there might be some small issues when you load your save game, the creator was generous enough to mention them.

Issues Experienced:
1. Occasionally when you load Geralt won’t be “in combat mode” for a couple seconds. Just hop around till it triggers or load again.
2. Occasional instability/crashing if you send too many commands immediately after loading. ie. I had the “no combat” glitch trigger, and while hopping/Quen/trying to sprint away the game crashed. Just took it a little easier during subsequent loads. Holding block is a safe bet.
3. You’ll still get the “can’t save now” brief if you try to save again too soon after the last time, same as anywhere else

That being said, if you are willing to use this ‘

Using the mod isn’t that difficult, you can download the necessary file from here and be on your way.


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