I guess it is safe to say that things are getting out of hand now, as you all know about the robust character creation in Fallout 4 gave birth to a slew of characters from real and fictional life. The character include Angelina Jolie, Rick Grimes, Heisenberg and so many more. The latest character that has been created in Fallout 4 is Adolf Hitler, as crazy as it may seem, this has been done. The character was created by a NexusMods user Smirgeli. It’s basically a save file that starts right from inside the vault so if you want to change the stats of your character or the appearance, you can easily do that. 


For those interested, the save file can be grabbed from here and you need to simply copy it to the default location of your Fallout 4 save files which is Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Saves. Let us know what you think about the latest recreation.


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