There are plenty of times in your normal day routing when you want to block calls and unwanted SMS from certain numbers. It could be your cellular service support or your annoying friend or your boyfriend or girlfriend who is really missing you. Whatever the reason, sometimes picking such calls could be bigger headache. So, today we are going to teach you how you can block all such calls permanently on your Android device.

How to Block Calls on Samsung Devices:

If you are using a Samsung device running on Lollipop or higher then you can block all calls from an individual very easily. What you need to do is:

Tap on the phone app à Call Log and then the number you want to block.

Now, tap on more option at the top right and then tap on “add to auto reject list”.

There you have it. Now, every call from that number will be auto rejected. In case you want to remove the number, just remove it from the list.

How to Block Calls on HTC devices:

HTC also made it pretty easy to block all annoying calls and managing the blocked numbers. To block any number on HTC device simply go to:

Your phone app then go to Call History and find the number that you want to block.
Now, press a long tap on the number and then tap on Block Caller.

That’s it. The number is completely blocked and it won’t bother you anymore. In case you want to manage the block list and want to remove some numbers then all you need to do is to tap the menu icon on the right top of the phone app and then tap on blocked contacts. Here you can manage all the contacts.

How to Block Calls on LG Devices:

LG has some nice features already available for blocking all annoying calls. Instead of going into the phone app and adding the number in the blocked list. You can block it instantly when you receive a call. When you get a call, simply drag the red phone icon into the center, this will add the caller to your Call reject list.

For managing the blocked caller list, Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Call.

Now tap Call Reject > Reject Calls to see the list of blocked numbers.

How to Block Calls on Sony Devices:

Sony devices doesn’t have built-in feature for blocking unwanted calls. So, in order to block some certain numbers we’ll have to download a third party call blocking app or we can divert the unwanted numbers straight to our voicemail. To add a number to voicemail:

Tap on All Apps > Contacts then tap the number you want to add in.

Now tap on the number, tap the edit icon then Menu and then All calls to voicemail.

How to Block Calls on Nexus Devices:

Unfortunately, Nexus devices that comes with Lollipop or Marshmallow don’t have an integrated voice calling feature so what we are going to do is to download and install the same call blacklist app that will allow us to block all unwanted calls and SMS.


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