Move aside, people. Robert Downey Jr. has made his way to Fallout 4 and he’s looking for his power armour. Well, it’s not actually RDJ but just a save file that has a character sharing uncanny resemblance with RDJ. The character is created by a Nexusmod user called EmperorMaxis who did a commendable job at creating a character who looks a lot like our favourite Iron Man.


At least now we know how a Robert Downey Jr. would look if he gets bruised and battered by war in the game. If you are wondering what the stats are, you can check them out below.



According to the creator, the save file is right after you exit the vault so the stats can still be changed. You can download the save file from here and place it in the default save location that is My Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves.



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