When it comes to Apps, no mobile operating system can beat Android but there are still some apps available on the Play Store which are region locked meaning you can only download them if you are accessing from those supported countries e.g Netflix, Hulu and Spotify. But still, there is a way through which you can install all those region locked apps on your Android device. All you need to do is to install some apps on your Android devices which can enable you to download and install those region locked apps on your Android device.

For installing the region specific apps, you need to install the popular TunnelBear VPN app. Tunnelbear is a nice app which is available for free on Google Play Store. Once you have download the app. Launch it, and create an account.


Once your account is fully activated, turn the service On and tap anywhere on the map and you’ll be accessing the accessing the Play Store from that particular location.

Connecting to a  VPN service may take a few seconds. Once connected, you can now install all those apps which are not available on your region.

How to install incompatible apps on android:

First of all, you need to download a nice and free app called Market Helper. Once downloaded, launch the app and you will see four main menus in the app. The menu is particularly, Device Type, Device Model, Location and Carrier. All these settings will show your device’s setting. Now, what you need to do is to change these settings to a high end device e.g the actual device that you have is Galaxy S4, you need to change it the settings as of Galaxy S6.

After changing all the settings, tap activate. The process may take a few seconds. After its fully activated, Open the Google Play Store and now you will see a bunch of whole new apps.

In case if you are stuck at any point let us know in the comments.