HTC recently released a rather iPhone-esque device that was known as HTC One A9, the phone took a break from HTC’s design language and decided to be something different, something like an iPhone. It can be said that this was HTC’s attempt to reinvent themselves as the company is going through some harsh times. The flagship One M9 wasn’t a big success and was criticised for having a mediocre camera that doesn’t deserve to be on a flagship device.

HTC One A9 isn’t all that powerful when compared to the devices like M8 or M9, but it is a step in a different direction. Whether or not that direction is right; we’re yet to find out. The device calls itself a mid-ranger with specs that are good enough for anyone who wants to just have an Android experience. But we aren’t here to talk about the specs, we are here to talk about a slew of stock wallpapers that accompany the device. Many people think that one simply can’t get a hold of the stock wallpapers; well, that is wrong. You can download all the stock wallpapers of HTC One A9 below. For your convenient, there is also a ZIP file available that you can download.

You can get your hands on the zip file from here > download.