Avoid Pirated Android Apps

Despite being the most popular mobile operating system, Android is something that has been marred with accusations of not being secure enough. Time over time, we have been told just how unsafe it is to be an Android user. Mainly because of the malware infused, pirated apps that are being downloaded from different websites instead of the official Play Store. Most of these apps are cracked version of paid apps and/or modified versions of already available apps on the Play Store. Tampering with an Android app is an extremely easy thing to do, all you need is some decompilation using the apktool, then making your own tweaks and signing the app again.

As good as it sounds for the people who love to tweak everything, this behaviour mostly leads to apps that are injected with harmful malware, keyloggers as well. For those who don’t know, everyone’s favourite keyboard Swiftkey is rather easy to be tampered with, so much that a version of Swiftkey that is injected with keylogger code is available to test, users can also look at all the keystrokes from other users.

There are a lot of factors that revolve around this particular issue, first would be the open source nature of Android that made it so great in the first place, but then again, the issue isn’t something inevitable. Users would have to be careful as to what they are side-loading on their devices. If you can get an app from Play Store then always opt for Play Store even if you have to pay a few dollars. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Let us know what you think about the rising concerns of malwares and Android.


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