Fallout 4

It’s safe to say that everyone is aware of the fact that Fallout 4 lets you create your own character when the game starts, it’s amazing because the character creation is one of the most diverse we have seen in a long time, gone are the times of the nauseating character creation in Fallout 3 and New Vegas; character creation in Fallout 4 is diverse and can produce the best and the most horrifying recreations.

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Seems like some people had a lot of free time on their hand, so much that they started recreating celebrities as well as other game characters in Fallout 4. Four creative players decided to create Kanye West, Louis C.K, Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Taylor Swift. The recreations look really good and some of them look awful to the core. Whatever the case, we are going to show you how the one that knocks looks in Fallout 4. Check out the images below.

Someone get her Starbucks
Someone get her Starbucks. Credits
Kanye might need some rest
Kanye might need some rest. Credits
Louis C.K doesn't look happy.
Louis C.K doesn’t look happy. Credits
"I'm the one who nukes"
“I’m the one who nukes” credits

So that’s all, folks. Let us know what you think about these on-point recreations in the comments below. For all things Fallout 4, stay tuned.


  1. Walter White wow!

    These images make me feel lazy. I hear there is a plastic surgeon in the game so I will use that opportunity to tune up my character.

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