Say What You Mean to Say in Fallout 4

When it comes to having dialogues, Fallout 4 is an amazing game; the game has more lines of dialogue than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined, in numbers, they would cross 111,000 lines, in case you are still not surprised, Witcher 3 has lesser lines of dialogue than Fallout 4. However, there is ONE small issue with the dialogues, the character never says what you’ll see on the screen, instead, there will be a paraphrased version of what your character is going say. For instance, if there’s a ‘fuck you’ in the dialogue bar, choosing that bar will make your character something else instead of just the simple swear word.

Lucky for us PC gamers, there is a mod that changes that and allows the player to see the actual text the player will be saying to an NPC, this is really helpful for those who want to make sure that the choices they make in conversations are proper and not based on some paraphrase they read, this also gives an authentic feel to those who love to nitpick every single thing. Installation of this mod is very simple, if you also want to what you mean to say in Fallout 4, you can install the mod by following the simple steps below.

  1. Download the file from here.
  2. Once downloaded, extract it and copy the contents to ‘Fallout 4\Data’.
  3. Now open the Fallout4.ini that is located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4.
  4. Look for the following line in the .ini you just opened.


  5. Once done, add the following text next to the line.


  6. The final line should look like “sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, INTERFACE\” without the quotes.
  7. Simply save the edited .ini and run the game.

Everything should be done by now, you can run the game and finally have the ability to say what you mean. For more Fallout 4 updates, stay tuned.


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