Get All The Perks in Fallout 4

We have another Fallout 4 mod for you, well, more likely a way to cheat the system. For those who don’t know, Fallout 4 features an extensive skill tree that is then divided into several perks; perks that will help you Dodrastically with how you play and proceed further in the game. Getting perks can get tedious, mainly because the perk often comes with 2 requirements. You need to be of a specific level and your S.P.E.C.I.A.L must have enough points too.

If you are willing to get your hands on perks without having to work for them, there is a batch file that can do that. But there’s a catch, your level will be set to 45 once you use the batch file so only proceed if you are willing to sacrifice all the fun in the game. According to the creator of this batch file, using this will also grant you all the magazines and pip-boy holo games. If you are still willing to use this batch file, download it from here and follow the instructions written below.

  1. Extract the downloaded file in the main Fallout 4 folder.
  2. Run the game and load your save file.
  3. Open the console using the ‘~’ key and type in the following command

    BAT *name of the file you downloaded*

  4. Press enter once you have entered the command.

That’s done




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