Tweak Fallout 4

Fallout 4 on PC is a blessing, mainly because the support for mods. However, despite having its main focus on PC, the game lacks in-depth settings that should be there considering how it is a PC version. The settings include the ability to toggle mouse acceleration, mouse sensitivity, the ability to tweak FOV (field of view) according to your liking. Thankfully, the PC community is vast and very generous, this generosity resulted in the advent of a configuration tool that will help you configure Fallout 4 the way your ordinary launcher doesn’t let you. If you are wondering what can be toggled, or tweaked in Fallout 4, checkout the full list of features below.

  •  Field of View Tweaker
  •  Toggle Mouse Acceleration
  •  Toggle Framerate lock
  •  Toggle Gamepad Support
  •  Toggle the Intro video
  •  Tweak the Mouse Sensitivity
  •  Tweak Resolution
  •  Toggle Windowed Borderless
  •  Makes your INI files read-only after editing so they don’t revert *Now Toggable*
  •  Enable/Disable Developer Console
  •  iNumHWThreads
  •  Disable Gore
  •  Gamepad sensitivity
  • High CPU Priority
  • DOF and Bokeh toggles

According to the creator of this configuration tool, more features will be added in near future. Using the configuration tool is a cake walk, all you need to do is download the tool from here, paste it anywhere you want (it is suggested to paste it in your Fallout 4 directory) and start tweaking.


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