Fallout 4 doesn’t officially support modding at this instant, however, thanks to the vast community, mods for the game are already available. We have reported some of them that includes the mod that gives you a nude main character. Considering how the game is relatively new, there’s a lot more to come. Up until now, installing the available mods isn’t an easy thing to do; in some cases there are a lot of files that need to be edited. Luckily, there is a mod manager now available that makes everything a lot easier than it was in the beginning. Of course, you will be needing basic knowledge about how these mod managers work.


The purpose of this mod manager is to install/uninstall mods with just few clicks, not that, it also edits all the necessary files that require to be edited in order to run the mod properly. You can download the mod manager from here and begin modding Fallout 4 as you please. Do keep in mind that the mod manager is still in early stages and performance issues are likely there.




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