Nude Mod For Fallout 4

Remember the nude mod that for Witcher 3? We have something similar for Fallout 4 this time, the mod is for those perverted people who’d love to play around with nude characters in the game. It was created by Art-Of-The-Body on DeviantArt. Obviously, using this mod has its own downsides, for instance, if you want to play the game while you are fully nude, you’d be at a great disadvantage because not wearing anything will only cause you additional damage.


However, if you are still willing to use the nude mod for Fallout 4, check out the basic steps below.

  1. Go to Documents > My Games > Fallout 4 and open Fallout4.ini using a notepad.
  2. Now look for ‘sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\’ and change it to ‘sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\’
  3. Download the file from here, extract it and place the ‘Data’ folder into your Fallout 4 directory. Overwrite if prompted.

That’s all, you should be able to use this mod without any issues. In case you still have issues, feel free to let us know.


    • dude let’s not start hate wars please. just let them express their creativity if they wish and move on. they never said they needed your support to begin with.

        • Nobody said anything about Nintendo. All I was talking about is if those are the mods they wanna make let them. Don’t buy them, heck don’t even LOOK at them if it appalls you that much. If you’re that butthurt about it that you have to start attacking me and complaining about PC gamers being virgins, then I don’t wanna hear back from you again.

          For all we know, those modders can make those detailed mods because they’re not virgins and actually have the experience to even do it so well as if they were real devs. I wouldn’t know what because I don’t privy myself to their personal lives, but you shouldn’t pry into theirs by insinuating on them a false image that is inappropriate and stereotypes them for no reason. Modding is modding. If this makes you not wanna play Fallout 4 anymore, then don’t. Don’t start attacking a community though because you can’t accept freedom of expression.

          P.S. I’m not a fanboy a play other consoles, including PC I know that’s hard for you to grasp, so don’t bring it up again, or next time I’ll have to think you’re trolling and make your day harder for you. Sounds simple right?

          • removing clothes…so creative…
            just like nintendo and their rehash of the same kiddy trash and always a gen behind everyone else
            now move along nintendo FANBOI NERD 4 LIF3 go play with yo wiii

          • Wow that has to be most creative insult you have made in your life is that the best you can do? How old are you 5?

            Flagged for dodging the issue again. It’s not about making them nude it’s about modding it to make the game your own and do different stuff with the game. It’s not what they make that’s creative it’s what they do with the creation that counts.

            Modding is a skill where players can apply creativity in changing code and again making it unique and their own. You can’t understand the purpose in that then you shouldn’t bother commenting on subjects you can’t comprehend.

            If that’s all you had to contribute I’ll be moving on, your ad hominems are embarrassing you should stop before you disgrace yourself more than you already have and damage yourself to no return.


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