Fallout 4 Cheat Codes

Fallout 4 is officially available on all major platforms, we already reported that the mods for the beautiful game are already pouring in, now it’s time to take a look at the full list of cheat codes that you can use in Fallout 4. Obviously, the hardcore gamers look at these cheat codes with disdain, but for gamers who are out there just to have fun, this is a god send. The cheat codes won’t exactly do anything funny with the game, however, you can use them to make your time in the post-apocalyptic Boston a bit easier.

As usual, you have to enter these codes by bringing up the console command using the ‘~’ key. Once the console opens, you can simply enter the code and press enter. The full list of Fallout 4 cheat codes can be seen below.

  1. God mode > tgm
  2. Kill the chosen target > Kill
  3. Kill everyone in the prompt area >KillAll
  4. Toggle NPC AI > tai
  5. Unlock the selected door or terminal > unlock
  6. Enable the free roam camera > tfc
  7. Toggle NoClip mode > tcl
  8. Toggle NPC combat AI > tcai
  9. Indicate all the markers on the map > tmm 1

The aforementioned codes are just the gameplay codes, in case you are looking for codes that will let you obtain weapons, armour and other items, look below.

Note: In order to use these codes, you are going to need to enter the codes like this; player.placeatme [item code]. However, if you want the item to be in your inventory instead of being spawned at your location, type this; player.additem [item code]

  1. Get bottlecaps > 0000000F
  2. Get stimpak > 00023736
  3. Get Rad away > 00023742
  4. Get fusion core > 00075FE4
  5. Get nuka-cola quantum > 0004835F
  6. Get perception bobblehead > 00178B5D
  7. Get cryolator > 00178B5D
  8. Get mini-gun > 0001F669
  9. Get fat man mini-nuke launcher > 000BD56F
  10. Get 5mm ammo > 0001F66C
  11. Get mini-nuke > 000E6B2E
  12. Get cryo cell > 0018ABE2



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