Fallout 4 is only a day away from releasing on PC and the visual tweaks have already started pouring out. This isn’t surprising because Fallout games are known for their wild tweaking, the older parts have gotten the same treatment and now it is time for Fallout 4 to rise and shine. For those who don’t know, despite being a beautiful mess; the wasteland in almost all the Fallout games is somewhat washed out. Thanks to this tweak, you can make the wasteland all the more vibrant while maintaining the original feel of the post-apocalyptic Boston.

This is the first visual tweak that made its way to Fallout 4 and a reassurance that there will be plenty more in near future. Installing this isn’t difficult at all, provided you are familiar with using SweetFX. Before we proceed to installation, checkout the gorgeous screenshots below.




Note: Do keep in mind that this isn’t guaranteed to work on 32 bit systems.

How to Install

  • Download the zip file from here and extract it.
  • Once the files are extracted, copy them to the root of your game directory.
  • Run the game and the SweetFX preset should be loaded.

That is it, you have successfully injected SweetFX into your Fallout 4, in case you ran into any problems, feel free to let us know.



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