The Google Play Store is filled with lock screen apps, from the likes of highly customisable Widget Locker to the simple, yet pleasing MiLocker. Now we have a new player in town called Slide, although the idea behind Slide is somewhat interesting, Slide is Pakistan’s first lockscreen app. For any smartphone user, unlocking the phone is one of the most important things, you unlock your phone for thousands of reasons and this app keeps the reasons in mind and rewards you with points that you can use to buy goodies. Interesting initiative, no?

Setting up the app is simple, once you download the app, you have to sign-in using your Facebook account and then adding your phone number, then you’ll be presented a page where you have to select the content you would like to be presented, once everything is set and done, each time you unlock your device, you will be presented with content according to the categories you selected in the initial steps. The app has partnered up with Daily Mail, Buzzfeed as well as the local news portals. Basically, this app has you covered.


Do keep in mind that the points you will earn on this app can only be redeemed for mobile top-ups, however, we are told that soon, you will be able to use these bonus points in order to score discounts at your local clothing stores, fast-food chains as well as movie theaters. Now that’s something we’re looking forward to.

Everyone with trigger happy fingers can download Slide from the Google Play Store link given below.

Slide for Android


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