Used smartphones

If you are a smartphone lover, it’s fairly simple to say that you like to own the latest smartphone, however, the latest flagship phones come with a hefty price tag. In that case, many people prefer to buy used phones. Yes, buying used phone won’t feel the same as buying a new phone, simply because the feeling of unboxing the phone and holding it for the first time is ethereal at an entirely different level and you can never get the same feeling with used smartphones. Why? Because someone else already used them; touched and held them. But since people who are already inclined towards buying a used phone and are aware of all the factors, it is a waste of time to discuss all of this.

This article is being written for the purpose of guiding people about the dos and donts of buying a used phone. Do keep in mind that this guide will only cover things that are commonly known, looking for faults in a used smartphone is like finding a needle in a haystack, and often the needle is hidden deep inside the haystack. We are properly going to discuss all the ascpects you should keep in mind when you’re out in the market to buy a used phone.

Finding a Trusted Source

When it comes to buying a used phone, finding a proper source is often considered the hardest of options. This mainly because the options you have available are limitless, however, same isn’t the case with trust. One simply can’t trust all the shopkeepers or online sellers. In such condition, you should always opt for the source that gives you the ability to personally check all the aspects of a phone before you come to the point of striking a deal. No matter the country you live in, finding online websites for used smartphones isn’t a difficult thing to begin with. However, if you buy from a person selling online, he’s most likely gonna ask for a slightly higher price than you’ll get in the market. One more thing to keep in mind is that the phones in market won’t be in as good condition as the phones you can buy from a seller online.

Properly Inspect a Used Phone

When buying a used smartphone, make sure you carry your set of standard accessories you use with a smartphone, carry a charger/powerbank, carry your earphones as well as your SIM card and microSD card. It is advised to properly check each equipment with the phone for at least half an hour, don’t forget to put the phone on charge for at least 15 minutes to find out whether or not it’s charging properly. If the phone heats up during charging without being operational, there’s definitely something wrong with the device. Do the same with your earphones, and make calls after inserting your SIM. If you are data concious, make sure you check if LTE and 3G are working fine, don’t let other radios go unchecked. Keenly notice the screws and look for any scuff marks around the edges of these holes, you can find a lot about the device by looking at how it’s handled. If it’s a water-resistant phone, simply follow the instructions in this guide.

The seller who’s giving away a messed up device will almost immedietely fret when you start inspecting the phone properly, but as a buyer, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check the phone before making the payment. If you’re buying an iPhone, make sure the device isn’t connected to the iCloud and in case it is, make sure you get it removed from the seller.

Difference Between Refurbished and Repaired

A lot of people don’t know but there’s quite some differences between a phone that has been refurbished and the phone that has been repaired. Refurbished phones are phones that are being sold by the company after they have been repaired and cleaned thoroughly. However, same isn’t the case with repaired phones, they are mostly phones that have been repaired by your local mobile repaing centres, they’re not thoroughly cleaned and there’s no guarantee about how long the parts on them will work, as for phones that are refurbished, the come with a certain period of warranty. In short, refurbished phones are more reliable than repaired phones because more care has been put into them and they have been thoroughly cleaned and checked.


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