Capcom released a new batch of 4K screenshots for R. Mika, the character that first appeared in Street Fighter 3 is now joining the cast of the newest Street Fighter 5. R. Mika sure looks odd but the new screenshots shows her amazing wrestling moves. Street Fighter 5 is set to release next year for PS4 and PC.
Check the new screenshots below:

street-fighter-r-mika-1 street-fighter-r-mika-2 street-fighter-r-mika-3 street-fighter-r-mika-4 street-fighter-r-mika-5 street-fighter-r-mika-6 street-fighter-r-mika-7 street-fighter-r-mika-8 street-fighter-r-mika-9 street-fighter-r-mika-10 street-fighter-r-mika-11 street-fighter-r-mika-12 street-fighter-r-mika-13 street-fighter-r-mika-14 street-fighter-r-mika-15 street-fighter-r-mika-16 street-fighter-r-mika-17 street-fighter-r-mika-18 street-fighter-r-mika-19 street-fighter-r-mika-20 street-fighter-r-mika-21 street-fighter-r-mika-22 street-fighter-r-mika-23 street-fighter-r-mika-24 street-fighter-r-mika-25 street-fighter-r-mika-26 street-fighter-r-mika-27 street-fighter-r-mika-28 street-fighter-r-mika-29 street-fighter-r-mika-30


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