Metal Gear Solid V Gets a Graphical Overhaul

Remember the Metal Gear Solid gameplay reveal from E3 2013? The overall graphics at that time somewhat looked better than how they look right now. We wouldn’t play the devs since this is something that has been happening with almost all the modern games, an attempt from developers to ensure all platforms have no major differences. Sadly, you can’t do anything about the graphics when it comes to consoles, however, the PC gamers are at an advantage thanks to a small visual tweak that gives Metal Gear Solid V a graphical overhaul.

It’s fairly safe to say that almost every PC gamer is aware of SweetFx, if you’re not, well, it is a small and very handy tool that allows you to apply different kind of post processing shader effects to the games you play, it universally supports all PC games. Yes, there are some performance hits but they aren’t crucial provided you have a capable PC and considering how MGS V is highly optimised, it shouldn’t be a problem.  You can see how the graphics change in the image below:

As you can see in the image below, the difference between the default texture and the textures after using SweetFx is quite substantial. You can use this preset if you want by simply downloading the required files from here and pasting them in the root of your MGS V folder, do keep in mind that you might need to run the game multiple times in the beginning so the shader can get properly injected, once it’s done, you are good to go.



  1. Actually I think the sweet fx one looks better/more realistic. How many people here posting comments about it looking worse have actually spent time in the desert…?!

    It definitely got rid of that drab “blurred” effect and made the lighting much more believable that is for sure.


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