Bioware’s Mass Effect is the one of the best video game ever made. The characters, architecture, sound quality is just awesome. But have you ever wondered how Mass Effect looks like if it’s a PlayStation 1 title? No? Well, A Reddit user shared a GIF file showcasing Commander Shephard’s dialogue with one of this companion Wrex.
Check the GIF file Below:

mass effect gif

Let’s see what Commander Shephard has to say about it?
mass effect memes-7

and What Miranda Lawson wants to say after watching this?
me3-memes-mass-effect-funny-meme-37and what the rest of the crew wants to say about it.


Some memes that we’d like to share with our readers.

datmass mass effect memes 22 mass effect memes mass effect memes-2 mass effect memes-3 mass effect memes-4 mass effect memes-5 mass effect memes-6 mass effect memes-8 mass effect memes-9 mass effect memes-11 Mass-Effect-3-meme-mass-effect-funny-meme-59 Mass-Effect-3-meme-mass-effect-funny-meme-61 me3-memes-mass-effect-funny-meme-38


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