Make Quite Wear Clothes

Metal Gear Solid V is currently the hottest game on PC, luckily, the game supports modding on PC to an extent and that’s a good thing. For those who don’t know, our sidekick Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V isn’t all that… dressed up for combat; see for yourself.


Well, thanks to a mod, you can be a bit considerate and make Quiet wear clothes that will allow you to believe that she’s wearing something that she can fight in. Installing the mod is fairly simple, you need to download some files from here and simply follow the instructions. This mod will give Quiet proper clothes that will also appear in the game cut-scenes. You can checkout how Quiet looks with her new outfit below:


This mod also ensures that Snake puts his head where it should be… on the battlefield. Let us know what you think about this mod and we will be happy to reply back.




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