Being a Witcher 3 fan you must be familiar with the beauty of Triss Merrigold. The sorceress shows herself in the red outfit that makes her more attractive but now you can make her even more attractive by changing her complete outfit. Thanks to the mod community, who have re-textured Triss’s default outfit and now you can choose three different types of outfits for her. There’s a nude mod out as well but its not for everyone.

Black and White with a Black Hood

triss-black-outfit-4 triss-white-outfit-1

Black and White with a White Hood

triss-black-outfit-1 triss-black-outfit-2 triss-black-outfit-3 triss-white-outfit-2

Purple and Blue with a White Hood

triss-purple-outfit-1 triss-purple-outfit-2 triss-purple-outfit-3 triss-purple-outfit-4

The one that you prefer you need to download, unzip and place the files in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/Mods directory or you can use Nexus Mod Manager. You can download the Triss outfit mod from here.



    • Title is fishing for hits unless you have a goth or purple fetish. I haven’t played the game yet but I know from what skyrim has to offer this isn’t as lewd as it can get.


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