Make Geralt Go Bald

Witcher 3 is a sprawling fantasy role-playing game with tons of things to do, even after 6 months of initial release, the game is still being played and new additions are being made on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, a new patch was released yesterday that updates the game to 1.10 and weighs a hefty 10 gigs, that being said, the patch brings about 600 bug fixes. That’s not all, we are going to see the first expansion pack titled Hearts of Stone.

One of the greatest things about Witcher 3 is the fact that the game fully supports modding, this results in a lot of hilarious outcomes, while some mods change the way you play the game, others are basically just for the fun. The mod we are going to talk about will make Geralt bald. Yes, you heard it. The heartthrob White Wolf won’t have his long, lush white hair once you use the mod. How will Geralt look? See it for yourself.


Yes, we know Geralt looks like a hired thug who basically has no idea what he’s doing, but believe it or not, the mod is quite popular among people who just want to have some fun. Making Geralt go bald is fairly easy, you just have to download the file from here and extract it in your mods folder that should be in the game’s main directory. In case there isn’t a folder, simply create it and paste the contents there.

Let us know what you think about Geralt having no hair on his head.