Capcom announced a new and hot character for Street Fighter 5 named Laura Matsuda. Laura Matsuda is a Brazallian Jiu-Jistsu user and she’s searching for the world’s strongest opponents. Laura attacks are mostly grabbing techniques and powerful kicks. Capcom already confirmed that there will be four new characters coming to Street Fighter 5 and Laura is one of them.  One more thing, Capcom today released a brand new screenshots for Laura Matsuda:

laura-roundhouse-kick laura-roundhouse-kick luara-01-intro luara-02-standing luara-04-low-kick luara-05-throw luara-06-knee-attack luara-07-elbow luara-08-special luara-09-special-2 luara-10-special-3 luara-11-critical-art luara-12-critical-art luara-13-win-pose