Moto X Play was  launched recently by Motorola; the company was once owned by Google and later purchased by Google, the transition, however, was really good as we saw a lot of good phones from Motorola including the Moto G. However, Motorola is now stepping up their game, the company recently introduced Moto X Play and Moto X Style, a mid-ranger and a high-end device respectively.

The Moto X Play is the younger sibling of Moto X Style and features mid-range specs along with near stock Android. If you’re willing to acquire the wallpapers of Moto X Play, you’re at the right place. TechJeep has a collection of all the stock wallpapers that come with Moto X Play. You can check them out below.

Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_009-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_008-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_007-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_006-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_005-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_004-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_003-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_002-1024x910 Moto_X_Play_wall_techbeasts_001-1024x910


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