Pretty much every PC game is anxiously waiting for Warner Bros. to release the much awaited patch for Batman Arkham Knight on PC that will resolve all the issues that the game is plagued with. The patch was supposed to come out in August, however, it faced a little delay. However, the patch made a little appearance on Steam today but it was pulled from the servers later on; those who managed to get the patch and use it reported that the game runs on a much smoother frame-rate as compared to the initial release and the users with GTX 970 can max out the game while maintaining the frame-rate in 50-70.

Sadly, the patch didn’t last longer on Steam but we managed to get a hold of the screenshot showing the new additions in the patch. Seems like Warner Bros. kept there promise and introduced a wide range of graphical settings that were missing from the game. You can checkout the screenshot below and tell us what you think.



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