A new version of Google Classroom app for Android has been launched and it helps teachers to create and organize assignments easily, provide feedback efficiently and can easily communicate with their students. Currently, the app is only available to Google Apps for Education users.  The latest version of Google Classroom is 1.6.334.06.35 and is available to download. Some major benefits of Google Classroom are:

Easy to Set up:

Setting up Classroom is pretty easy. Teachers can add teachers and can share a code with their unique students who can join that class and it only takes a minute to setup.

Time Saving:

Google Classroom is simple and easy to use and allows teachers to create, review and grade assignments quickly.

Easy to Organize:

Google Classroom allows students to easily organize their assignments and everything are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.

Better Communication:

Google Classroom allows teachers to easily interact with their students and can easily share resources with each other.

Secure and No ads:

Google Classroom is secure and there are no ads in It. Another good feature of it is its totally free for students.

How to Download and Install Google Classroom 1.6.334.06.35 APK on Android

  • Download the Google Classroom 1.6.334.06.35 Android apk.
  • Transfer it to your phone if you haven’t downloaded via your phone.
  • Go to Settings > Security > enable Unknown Resources.
  • Navigate to the folder where the apk is downloaded and run it.

That’s all, you have successfully installed Google Classroom application on your device.


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