Tecmo Koei released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Attack on Titan video game which is due to release on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, this winter and 2016 in North America and Europe. The main mode will cover the entire story of the anime series and the actual voice actors from the anime series will represent their characters in the game.

Here are the main  features of the game:

(1) Tactical Hunting Action

In a cruel battlefield where the state of battle is constantly changing, the result of the player’s strategy has a direct connection to moving forward. In a game that offers high tactical freedom, the thrill of hunting action and fighting giant bosses are fused together to provide a new sense of battle never seen before in a video game. Depending on the tactical situation, you can proceed slowly and carefully or challenge the titan without warning. The player’s actions affect the direction of battle in a big way. This is hunting action in a new form.

(2) 3D Maneuverability and Body Part Destruction

Players can make full use of the 3D Maneuver Gear to zip freely around the sky and battle titans. By using type of action, you can rush quickly to companions in a pinch, and at times, it will attract the attention of enemies and they’ll run through the battlefield. In order to defeat a titan, it is necessary to attack its “nape.” To do this, you’ll need to attack from high altitudes and defeat titans by first destroying body parts like arms and legs, and then driving your blade into the titan’s nape. With this introduction of body part destruction, a higher level of strategic action is added to the game.

(3) Battlefield Drama Unfolds Across Vast Stages

Just like the original work, each character has a purpose and fights titans on a vast battlefield, and the state of battle rapidly changes according to this. Additionally, there will be changes within the city, such as walls and roofs collapsing as a result of battle, and it may affect the range of action players can take. The state of battle is constantly changing and the feeling of tension is high. A large number of scenarios that place the spotlight on popular characters are being prepared to develop the game’s dramatic story. It should appeal strongly to fans of the original work.

(4) Relive the Epic Story With High-End Graphics

In this game, players will relive the deep story of the Attack on Titan anime. Characters such as Eren, Mikasa, and so on that were key to the original story will appear, of course, and their voice actors are the same as they were in the anime. Additionally, the “Physics Toon Shader,” the game’s newly developed graphical representation, offers original graphics with the theme of “fusing the anime world and game world.” As a result, you can play the game feeling like you’re freely controlling a character in the anime.

Check the new screenshots below:
armin attack on titan 1 attack on titan 2 attack on titan 3 attack on titan 4 attackontitan armin attackontitan eren attackontitan mikasa eren mikasa