Most of you are probably aware of how crazy the Witcher 3 mods can get, well, it isn’t a surprise considering how the game fully supports modding and CDPR recently released an official mod-kit for the game. The mod we are talking about doesn’t alter the game in any way, however, it does add chest hair on Geralt. Yeah, you heard it right. For all those people fantasising about Geralt having chest hair, this one’s for you.

Do keep in mind that the mod will do some editing on the skin levels so if you have any other mods installed that do the same, this one won’t work. In case you are interested the mod, you can checkout the screenshot below and then head on to the instructions on how to install it.



Simply download the required files from here, extract the file and copy the extracted folder in <game directory>TheWitcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods, just create a mods folder if you don’t have any. The game works on version 1.08 and up.



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