MicroSD card slots share a very conflicting place in the world. Why Nexus phones and iPhones are always without microSD card slots, other OEMs don’t mind including them in their phones; both flagships and otherwise. However, as the technology is speeding up the use of microSD cards is decreasing. For those who don’t know, Apple decided not to use the microSD card slot ever since the first iPhone came out, it took a few years for Samsung to decide that it is high time to ditch the microSD card slots; though this caused an outrage among the loyal customers but many people didn’t think about going into the details about Samsung’s other OEM’s bold decision to get rid of the the microSD card slot.

The explanation is rather simple. The use of microSD card slows down the overall performance of the phone by a great measure, and when we say great, it usually adds up to 100-300 percent, however, this isn’t anything when compared to the fact that according to a study, the slowdown can reach up-to a drastic 2000 percent in overall performance. It doesn’t matter if you are expanding the storage of low end phones or high end phones, the sacrifice of such performance is drastic and under no conditions, acceptable.

There are several reasons that decrease the overall performance of a microSD card, one of the most common reasons is the fact that the addition of a microSD card in the phone forces the phone to read the memory from two places at the same time, and despite being equipped with state-of-the-art chips, the phones end up getting bottle-necked due to the nature of microSD cards and slow speeds. In simpler words, microSD cards aren’t fast enough to keep up with the speed of modern smartphones. However, this too can be solved to an extent by opting for microSD cards that are of better brands and have faster read/write speeds.

However, adding a microSD card slot doesn’t hurt all the users. There are some reports that suggest that users would still prefer the ability to expand storage using cheap microSD cards instead of paying up-to $100 premium for a variant with additional storage.

Let us know what you think about microSD cards going obsolete. Do you think it’s high time we move to built-in storage or would you still prefer the cheapway of expanding the storage.



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