CDPR recently released the last piece of 16 free DLCs for the Witcher 3, the latest DLC is the new game+ mode that allows you to start your game again with all your gear, skills and level. However, it removes the diagrams you collected in the previous run and also makes the game really difficult. Considering how Witcher 3 has multiple endings that completely change the game, it’s fairly obvious that many users are going to play the game again.

We decided to take the game for a spin in the new game+ mode and one thing’s for sure, the game transforms into something entirely different. Remember the Ghouls that attack you after you wake up from the dream? Those ghouls will still attack you but the level will be 31. Worry not, in case you finished your game at any level below 30, your level in new game+ will automatically bump to 30. Okay, you might be thinking that this is unfair as your enemies are more powerful. Well, so is your gear; the Kaer Morhen armour now stands at 160 when you start the game and considering how you’re a leveled up Witcher with all your skills still intact, things get a bit easy. Not to forget that you’ll level up faster than you did before. But hey, the quests would still want you to make sure that you’re proficient enough. For instance, a quest named ‘Missing Brother’ now requires a level above 60 and since Witcher 3 doesn’t have any level cap, you can easily go above 60 in your final battle.

We are using the Mastercrafted Ursine armour and during the tenure so far, there have been so many ordinary gauntlets and chest plates that have proved to be powerful than your Mastercrafted armour, seems like CDPR wanted to give gamers a tough time. You’ll still face enemies that will have skulls on their life-bars and they’ll still possess the power to kill you with one hit. However, one thing we didn’t like was the fact that gear available at merchants is still weaker than it should have been, but then again, it’s the start of the game and things will only get better later on. But one thing’s for certain, Witcher 3’s new game+ mode is a force to reckon with, not only its punishing but equally rewarding. Monsters and humans are now more fiercer than before and they are somewhat smarter, so if you were hoping that it would be a walk in the park, then no, this game just got more difficult.

Witcher 3 will be receiving 2 paid DLCs that will equal to Witcher 2’s entire story in whole. One of them called Hearts of Stone is launching in October and the other one called Blood and Wine will follow next year.

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