After presumably completing the high end tenure in the GTX 900 series, seems like Nvidia is focusing more on the mid-range series. The company has already launched GTX 960 and teasing the GTX 950 for quite some time, Nvidia has finally broken the silence and launched the GTX 950 for a spectacular price, the GTX 950 will cost $160, that’s an amazing price considering how the GTX 750Ti retails at $120 and GTX 960 retails at $200. 

The GTX 950 seems to be a really good choice for gamers who are not willing to spend much and are mostly into games like League of Legends or Defence of The Ancients (DoTA).

You can checkout the specs of the Geforce GTX 950 below.

  • VRAM: 2 GB GDDR5.
  • CUDA cores: 768.
  • Base clock: 1024 MHz (1188 boost)
  • Memory clock: 6.6 GHz.
  • Texture units: 48.
  • ROP units: 32.
  • TDP: 90w.

The GTX 950 will be retailing at $!60 as we said earlier, impressive specs aside, the GPU will be supporting the Feature Level 12_1 of DX12, this means that the GPU will be supporting the upcoming DX12 games fully.

For more information, stay tuned.