You’re probably aware of the fact that the Huawei is taking the helm for the next Nexus, the news has been around for quite some time and the moment is here when the leaks start to pour in. The latest leak shows the beautiful renders of the upcoming Nexus from Huawei that will be revealed this fall along with the new version of Android that is supposedly named “Marshmallow“.

Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at these renders of the upcoming Nexus from Huawei.



The device overall looks very minimalistic, this isn’t a surprise considering almost all the Nexus devices are like that. huawei_nexus_6_leak_1_520x300x24_fill_habeb6111

The picture above hints towards a Type C USB connector at the bottom, something that is already found in the OnePlus 2, and will become a norm pretty soon.


The most interesting bit here is the addition of what it seems to be the fingerprint sensor resting on the back. This will be one of two Nexus devices to have the fingerprint sensor, the other being the latest Nexus 5 by LG which will also come with a fingerprint sensor.

We don’t have more words on the device, but there will be more leaks in the coming days. Till then, stay tuned.




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